Dr. Jeremy Steiner PhD, DAOM Reveals...
A Simple New Acupuncture System That Consistently & Predictably Delivers Unprecedented Patient Results 
(So you can boost your income while working the same or less clinic hours!)
Here's Everything Get When You Purchase Lifetime Access Today
 Module 1: Limitless Healing With Modern Qi
 Module 2: Cellular Regeneration, Prescription-Less Treatments
 Module 3: E-Qi Deficiency For Pattern Diagnosis
 Module 4: Reversing Disease By Stopping E-Qi Leaks
 Module 5: Maintaining Health With Gu-Qi Building Blocks
 Module 6: The Perfect P3 Protocols
 Module 7: 2 Tiered Treatment Optimization
 Module 8: Implementing The P3 Method
 EAM Made Easy Training Manual
 ($10,000 Value) 
 EAM Channel Atlas ($197 Value)
 P3 Pattern Diagnosis Templates ($997 Value)
 The Ultimate Gu-Qi Guide ($497 Value)
 4 X 1 Acu-Point Chart ($197 Value)
 Prime Electricity Model Cheat Sheet Bundle ($97 Value)
 2 Tiered Treatment Guide ($97 Value)
 Private FB group ($197 Value)
 EAM Foundations Course (8 CEU'S )   RETAILS At $1000
TOTAL VALUE: $13,279
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Here's What Some Of Our Students Have To Say...
“Taking this course is critical to being at the cutting edge of this medicine. Even after only taking the Foundations course you learn enough to double the effectiveness of your treatments and feel confident with your machine. No more guessing where to clip your leads and how much frequency. Now I can move into treatments with razor-sharp intention and accuracy.”
Lynn M – Acupuncturist, Florida
"The last 19 years I have worked in a hospital setting, researching and utilizing electroacupuncture for treating painful conditions… I attended the EAM Foundation and Advanced Seminar courses, and a door was opened into the future of what acupuncture should/will one day look like. Each of the 4 days I attended provided what I would consider an epiphany of its own. I was blown away... Jeremy is a master at integrating TCM with Western physiology and research, and present methodologies that can work with whatever practice style you currently use. The best money I have ever spent on post graduate education!"
Rick Bernard – Acupuncturist, Teacher, California

"I'm an acupuncturist for 16 years in Pennsylvania, I practice in Springhouse. I came across Jeremy in my many, researches of things that I want to learn further about in my practice of acupuncture. I knew after taking the first one, I wanted to see this man in person. So, today I'm here taking this advanced class. I think it's the first time it's been offered and it's fantastic… his dental class, which is an essential three credit class that you can take online too. I can't recommend it enough since I've started taking Jeremy’s classes online as well as this weekend my practice has increased. I can't even tell you how much it's mostly the successes. My outcomes are much more successful and I have a very high level of expectation for my patients to recover!"
Dana Harbison – Acupuncturist, Pennsylvania

“Patients understand it. Other medical professionals are open to it. Everyone gets it”
“100% of my patients have confirmed positive results and have strongly requested continued EAM care. Difficult to treat, chronic pain has vanished where other approaches have only managed symptoms; Chemotherapy caused symptoms, such as poor digestion and fecal impaction, have been controlled with ease; And deeply engrained psycho-emotional patterns have been gently dispersed with laughter being the main side-effect. There is no end to applications with EAM. This medicine has revolutionized my practice.
 Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of EAM is understanding its mechanisms to provide predictable results for an accurate prognosis and a recommended treatment schedule. The science behind EAM takes out the guesswork, which provides a practical confidence for the treating physician.
 I personally experienced EAM as a demo during the seminar, and it was the most powerful treatment of any approach I have received to date. The minimal investment is pennies compared to what it will yield in practice. The platform casts a language that bridges the gap for energy medicine to emerge as a primary option into the modern healthcare era. Patients understand it. Other medical professionals are open to it. Everyone gets it.”
Roy Page – EAM Practitioner, California
“It makes my practice better and better, busier than ever, and I love it”
 “I started with the foundations course and noticed that it totally changed my practice. It revamped, not that I wasn't getting results before, but it gave me new ways to approach things that I was having trouble with. It gave me new ideas or ways to take what I was doing and make it even more effective. Then for some things that I didn't know about, it gave me just a really cool tool box to apply… did the advanced class and really got a lot out of that. The advanced class has some killer techniques that you really could build a whole practice off of just the advanced techniques, the ways that I've been able to treat pain and some internal issues. It makes my practice better and better, busier than ever, and I love it. “
Sean Weeks – EAM Practitioner, New Mexico
“Went from 1 patient/hour, to now seeing multiple patients per hour, hiring another acupuncturist to help with the patient load, and routinely having a 1-3 month wait list”
“Studying EAM with Jeremy Steiner for the past 4 years has been a game changer. Since the Foundations course, I've found the teachings to be very clinically effective, very adaptable to the body of knowledge that I already had, and importantly, very practical and easy to implement. I've taken countless hours of CEUs over the years, many of which left me scratching my head and struggling to implement the materials once the class was over. Not the case with EAM. As I've progressed through the classes, I've refined my abilities to make quick and accurate differential diagnoses and develop treatment plans based on these with confidence. I'm more capable now tackling complex cases with confidence that I can offer real, lasting healing. And my practice has thrived as a result of all this. I went from seeing one patient per hour, to now seeing multiple patients per hour, hiring another acupuncturist to help with the patient load at my clinic, and routinely having a 1-3 month wait list. I'm very grateful to have discovered these teachings, and highly recommend Jeremy's courses!!’
Andrew Macfarlane- Acupuncturist, Pennsylvania
“My results are faster… and less labor intensive.”
“If you like gadgets, if you like science, then this is for you… My results are faster, more enduring, more predictable and less labor intensive.”

Vicky Lee - Acupuncturist

“Dr. Jeremy Steiner’s courses have revolutionized my practice... been practicing for almost twenty years”
“Dr. Jeremy Steiner’s courses have revolutionized my practice. I’ve been practicing for almost twenty years and have mostly practiced distal acupuncture. After studying with Dr. Jeremy, I’ve been able to help patients who previously hadn’t responded to what I had been doing for them. I’ve only been practicing this for 4 months but have seen good clinical results in the following stubborn cases: spinal stenosis, post surgical pain and stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, and chronic Epstein Barre. Recently I treated an 83 year old with chronic Raynaud’s Disease that she’d had for ten years. After 3 treatments, she began coming to her visits with warm hands. In January! She is grateful and so am I. I would whole heartedly recommend anyone who wants to improve their clinical results study with Dr. Jeremy! “
Margaret Celli - Acupuncturist, Pennsylvania
“…Other diagnostic techniques take valuable time away from treatment, his method simplifies the process and leads you to assessing the root cause faster.” 
“I have been in clinical practice for 18 years. Working with Jeremy Steiner and the Electroacupuncture Medicine (EAM) crew has created a major paradigm shift renewing my passion for practicing acupuncture. While other diagnostic techniques take valuable time away from treatment, his P3 method simplifies the process and leads you to assessing the root cause faster. 
I had a 49 year-old patient who wanted relief from back pain. Instead of getting a blank stare by trying to explain how a “liver-spleen disharmony” led to his right-sided back pain and GERD, I was able to tell him how certain digestive valves were stuck open, what led to them (low stomach acid), and then I helped close his valves and increased his digestive capabilities leading to quick and long-lasting relief. I learned these EAM diagnosis and treatment protocols from watching the on-line seminars. I was so astounded by what I have been able to do that I joined the Mastermind program where I get to hone my knowledge and skills further and present my most difficult cases and receive valuable feedback, sometimes on the fly when my patients are on the treatment table. My goal is to be able to diagnose and treat the most complicated cases using the P3 method and the Mastermind program is a major step in that direction.”
Tim Eng - Acupuncturist, Massachusetts
“I can’t say enough about this course…it is worth every penny… My practice will never be the same!”
“Jeremy Steiner’s courses have provided invaluable information and tools that have taken my practice to a whole new level. His unique P3 method of diagnosis and treatment has given me access to providing top quality, effective treatments for my patients for which I would learn nowhere else on the planet! Jeremy has an amazing talent for teaching and freely shares his wealth of knowledge, of which I am constantly astounded. Using the most complicated case studies that we present weekly, we have learned to apply his methods and break them down to simplify treatments with laser focus. I can’t say enough about this course…it is worth every penny… My practice will never be the same!
Mary Hills- Acupuncturist, California
“I’ve been in practice for 21 years, using his classes, I get better results with my most stubborn cases.”
“As an acupuncturist with a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience, I really appreciate how Jeremy has been able to bridge the gap between medicines. I’ve been in practice for 21 years, and have found that EAN has helped me get better results with my most stubborn cases. I can now be more specific with my electro acupuncture application to stimulate certain spinal nerves and/or facilitate the release of specific neurotransmitters for a particular imbalance. In addition, understanding the connection between the teeth and the meridians has helped me become a better detective for complex, unsolved medical mysteries.”
Nicole Cutler- Acupuncturist, New York

“My patient had so much more relief... They prepaid for 8 weeks of care”

“One of the top 5 clinicians I’ve had the privilege to observe”

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