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And Discover The Most Effective, Cutting Edge Electro-Acupuntcure Techniques To Create Breakthrough Patient Results & Practice Success 

From The Desk of Dr. Jeremy Steiner, DAOM, MSc

Dear Fellow Acupuncturist, 

If you want better patient results in shorter visits so you can become a "Go-To" healer and boost your practice success then I've got a huge announcement to make…

The Electro-Acupuncture team & I are FINALLY back to holding our high impact, live, in person, training events (while continuing to offer live stream options)

At our upcoming "Electric Medicine Live" event you'll learn my powerful "P3 Acupuncture Method" that transforms your ability to heal patients using the power of Electricity.  You'll immediately be able to treat patients with more clarity, more speed, and more effectiveness than ever before.  

After Attending You Can Expect To
  • Rise above the competition
  • ​Treat any disease or condition your patients have
  • ​Create breakthrough patient results in shorter treatments
  • ​Gain confidence and eliminate trial & error
  • Pack your appointment calendar with repeat visits
  • Enjoy an endless source of referrals
  • ​And gain respect in the medical community
  • Rise above the competition
  • ​Treat any disease or condition your patients have
  • ​Create breakthrough patient results in shorter treatments
  • ​Gain confidence and eliminate trial & error
  • Pack your appointment calendar with repeat visits
  • Enjoy an endless source of referrals
  • ​And gain respect in the medical community
  • ​And SO MUCH MORE!
Here's Just A Glimpse Of What We'll Cover At


Day 1 - Saturday Session 1: 

($1497 Value)

  • Discover the new paradigm which allows you to escape the old non-optimal paradigms taught to you in school 
  • ​5 secrets to sparking your patient’s cellular regeneration thus eliminating any disease 
  • ​3 electron flow direction principles that give you the ability to erase any pain & inflammation with ease 
  • ​How the Acupuncture Channels are an integral part of life itself and how the muscle tissue, fascia,  and nerves are all inter-related with the channels.
  • ​2 keys to using this paradigm for diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, physical rehabilitation, and sports medicine 
  • ​You will have a totally new vision of acupuncture, You will never be the same 

Day 1 - Saturday Session 2:

($997 Value)

  • ​Primary Pattern Diagnosis; The MUST HAVE Components to guarantee you have found the primary disease pattern and the key to reversing your patient’s disease 
  • ​Acupuncture Channel Associations; The secret cheats to hone in on specific channels and why this transforms you into a laser sharp diagnostician  
  • ​EAM Diagnosis Via Symptoms & History; Why typical traditional diagnostic processes fail and How to avoid overcomplicating the diagnosis. 
  • ​Electrical Measurement & Palpation; How to naturally flow between different diagnostic modalities… This enables you to select the MOST Effective one for the particular patient in front of you 
  • ​Once you have arrived at THE ONE DIAGNOSTIC CONCLUSION you become definitive on exactly what the necessary steps are for your patient to permanently reverse their disease. 

Day 1 - Saturday Session 3: 

($1497 Value)

  • ​The 7 ROOT Causes of every major disease…How to find which one is the cause… WHY this instantly sets you apart from the rest of the practitioners and transforms you into an elite practitioner 
  • ​Simple pattern diagnosis for the top 8 diseases caused by the Stomach; including rosacea, sinusitis, insomnia, depression, anxiety, ADHD, fatigue, and fertility issues 
  • ​Diagnose adrenal insufficiency and be able to provide rapid relief to a majority of your patients 
  • ​Use 3 key principles to diagnose thyroid problems that often go undiagnosed by endocrinologists  
  • ​1 simple trick to locating and eliminating disease caused by scars 
  • ​Dental; Concise and effective tooth diagnosis and treatment. Use this one root cause to magnify your ability to help your patients and drastically increase your income and referrals… SEE the tremendous gap that exists and how to take advantage of this opportunity. 
  • ​5 ways to diagnose allergies and toxins so that you can immediately stop this disease process 
  • ​My #1 method of diagnosing a trapped emotion or memory so you can restore voltage and qi to your patient and finally reverse their disease 

Day 2 - Sunday Session 4: 

($997 Value)

  • ​Discover the best EAM machines that will last a lifetime, are consistent and won’t break your budget 
  • ​I'm going to show my planning map which will fast track your treatment prescription and enable you to always give the optimal treatment even on the first appointment 
  • ​Use my exact plug and play prescription guideline so you automatically select the best protocols without thinking 
  • ​My secret hack to selecting the best needle placement so that you can immediately move on to the rest of the treatment, which will free up valuable time to help hundreds more patients 
  • ​2 easy steps to delivering the proper dosing and treatment duration 
  • ​A frequency chart that selects the optimal frequency to use for each disease or neurotransmitter 
  • ​I’m going to share with you a power spectrum guideline to keep you in the sweet spot, takes out all of the guesswork and obtains maximal results 

Day 2 - Sunday Session 5: 

($1497 Value)

  •  The ultimate 2 point protocol to treat any pain, inflammation, or musculoskeletal disorder 
  • ​3 best protocols for improving athletic performance so you can attract more sports medicine practitioners 
  • ​Easy and Effective Protocols to permanently reverse autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, chrohns, ulcerative cholitis, and many more 
  • ​Learn 4 EAM treatment protocols that enable you to effectively treat almost any disorder related to woman’s issues, fertility & pregnancy 
  • ​The best EAM protocols to treat the most common 3 diseases in the world; cardiovascular, cancer, and neurodegenerative disease
  • ​Watch me apply all of these protocols to real live patients 

Day 2 - Sunday Session 6: 

($1997 Value)

  •  Go through a simple exercise which guarantees you apply what you learned this weekend to your practice and start creating the breakthrough patient results right away 
  • ​The top 3 rules for proper communication with patients and other health care providers, so that you don’t end up confusing the patients and making it much more difficult for them to get results. 
  • ​Use my simple and easy clinic forms and a referral script to turn your patients into raving referral machines
  • ​One simple question that will get your patients to give you better google and yelp reviews 
  • ​My 1 primary principle that every acupuncturist should keep in mind when implementing the P3 method, and why this will make your life much easier by simplifying your overall approach to patient care 
  • ​Turn those breakthrough 1st visit patient results into long term patient care and bookings 
  • ​Follow decisive action steps to place you on the self-correcting path to P3 mastery. 
 Session 1: The New Medical Paradigm (Value $1497)
 Session 2: Channels & Diagnostic Methods (Value $1997)
 Session 3: 7 Root Causes Of Disease (Value $1497)
 Session 4:  Protocol Plan (Value $1997)
 Session 5:  Protocol Treatments (Value $1497)
 Session 6: Practice Transformation (Value $1997)
 Electric Medicine Live Training Manual (Value $297)
 Lifetime Access To Event Recordings (Value $997)
 100+ EAM Treatment Protocols (Valued at $997)
 EAM Channel Atlas (Valued at $297)
 EAM Clinic Templates (Valued At $997)
 Private Facebook Group (Valued At $297)
 Pre & Post Event Zoom Sessions (Valued At $97)
 MEGA BONUS: Foundations 1 ($1000 Value)
TOTAL VALUE: $15,955
ONLY $1,997!
Or 2 x $1100
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Electric Medicine Live For?

Electric Medicine Live is for any Acupuncturist that wants to drastically improve patient and clinical results, reduce workload, and be confident to be able to treat any disease no matter how severe. The course is full of cutting edge diagnostic and treatment protocols which implement and take full advantage of the power of electricity blended with the medical paradigm of our traditional medicine.

Does My Skill Level or Experience Matter?

No. The minimum requirement is that you are licensed to practice acupuncture. The curriculum is geared towards teaching the fundamentals of electroacupuncture medicine because that forms the basis for your success going forward. Advanced practitioners will also find a generous portion of the classes dedicated to mastering the most effective protocols which enable the practitioner to succeed.

How Is This Different From Previous Electric Medicine Live Events?

We are always adding new information and refining the old principles based upon attendees feedback. This upcoming Live event contains at minimum 50% new information compared to the last live event. There is something for everyone. Many practitioners are repeat attendees because the protocols work so well, and they have been able to build a successful practice entirely based around a strong EAM foundation.

What If I Can’t Make It In Person To Orlando?

While it is optimal to attend live in person, we understand that life circumstances can prevent this from happening. This is why we hire a professional video live streaming team, and the event will be livestreamed over the internet. All ticket holders will also have lifetime access to the video recordings of this event..

How Does The Ticket Protection Work?

If for some reason you can not attend live in person, simply send an email to and notify us of your intent to attend through livestream instead of live in person. NOTE: THIS REQUIRES THAT YOU NOTIFY US AT LEAST 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE

Can I Buy A Live Stream Ticket Now?

Yes.  While we are currently focused on selling live in person event tickets.  You may simply purchase your ticket and follow the Ticket Protection process detailed in the question above. 

Do I Get CEU’s For Attending

Yes. Upon completion of attending or watching the videos and completing the short quiz, you will be awarded 16 CEU credits through the NCCAOM

What If I Can’t Make All The Sessions?

If you can’t attend all the sessions, you will have access to the video recordings so that you can watch what you missed.
Here's What Previous Event Attendees Have To Say!
"Double the effectiveness of your treatments ”
“Taking this course is critical to being at the cutting edge of this medicine. Even after only taking the Foundations course you learn enough to double the effectiveness of your treatments and feel confident with your machine. No more guessing where to clip your leads and how much frequency. Now I can move into treatments with razor-sharp intention and accuracy.”

Lynn M – Acupuncturist, Florida
"The last 19 years I have worked in a hospital setting, researching and utilizing electroacupuncture for treating painful conditions… I attended the EAM Foundation and Advanced Seminar courses, and a door was opened into the future of what acupuncture should/will one day look like. Each of the 4 days I attended provided what I would consider an epiphany of its own. I was blown away... Jeremy is a master at integrating TCM with Western physiology and research, and present methodologies that can work with whatever practice style you currently use. The best money I have ever spent on post graduate education! "
Rick Bernard – Acupuncturist, Teacher, California

"I'm an acupuncturist for 16 years in Pennsylvania, I practice in Springhouse. I came across Jeremy in my many, researches of things that I want to learn further about in my practice of acupuncture. I knew after taking the first one, I wanted to see this man in person. So, today I'm here taking this advanced class. I think it's the first time it's been offered and it's fantastic… his dental class, which is an essential three credit class that you can take online too. I can't recommend it enough since I've started taking Jeremy’s classes online as well as this weekend my practice has increased. I can't even tell you how much it's mostly the successes. My outcomes are much more successful and I have a very high level of expectation for my patients to recover! "
Dana Harbison – Acupuncturist, Pennsylvania

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